Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i don't like the way that
these tragedies have a habit of falling on the cusp of presidential elections.

the first time this happened, bush, wide-eyed, sat reading to schoolchildren. he went into hiding.
where is he now?
his response to huricaine katrina was telling,
kanye was right. he doesn't care about black people.
or poor people. or us.

we didn't blame him. fresh from the clinton bloom. who could have known?
it wasn't his fault. we didn't know how to react.
it was a clear declaration of war
but against who should we declare?

because they have nuclear weapons

because of anthrax

abu ghraib

have the terrorists won?

they bombed the twin towers as an anti-capitalist statement.
they destroyed a symbol of world trade.
now wall street has come crashing down.
the bull was gored lying on it's side.

now we stand to elect a new president
a financial crisis has rocked wall street like an earthquake
and where is bush?

we haven't had a chance to enjoy the presidency
taken the bloom off the rose

bush wuz robbed of enjoying even his first few moments in office
and was a particularly vulnerable candidate
being a figurehead and all.


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