Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I Hate

is that the shoe thrower appeared in court this week and had to testify from

inside a cage

he was also missing a tooth

update: tu 24 feb
i heard about it twice on the radio and saw it once in the internet that day.
i went looking for a link a day later, couldn't find it.

common ills has one of the few references I could find today:
Ernesto Londono and Zaid Sabah (Washington Post) describe Muntadhar's court room appearance: "leather shoes, a pressed beige suit and a scarf emblazoned with the Iraq flag". And those who need to pretend there is a justice system in place in Iraq should skip the next part: Muntadar testified "from a wooden cage before a packed courtroom." From a wooden cage.

the journalist threw a shoe at POTUS and he's already lost a tooth and been reduced to the status of an animal (in need of caging). even though he's not violent

I guess the state really needs him not to throw shoes at anymore heads of state.


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