Monday, March 29, 2010

in which i admit to reading vegans of color

diff. websites constitute diff. perspectives. i read to engage with and learn about that perspective. trolls believe they can or should determine the point of another blog. i've only seen this actually work when the blog authors were looking for ideas or debating a specific point. trolls believe all blogs ought to conform to their point of view, if not, the opinions expressed therein are either not valid or are ignorant/misinformed.

i am not a vegan (IANAV), but i do read v. of color because i am interested in the ideas behind their cause. that is, i am interested in learning about the intersection between race and vegan politics. where they occur and why, and how those intersections can inform both veganism and anti-racism (as well as other anti-oppression movements).

sometimes trolling behavior stimulates dialogue, but when a regular reader takes something too personally, it can result in a flamewar/crisis of discourse/ breakdown of communication.


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