Tuesday, March 03, 2009

so i was wondering why michael steele made such an ass of himself over rush's criticism.

bobby jindal sounding like a doll, but in a sunday morning interview he's articulate.

this makes me think that michael steele isn't as much of a nebbish as i thought. but why is he (are they) pretending to be idiots?

then i thought about how other critics here and here are seriously discussing a truth commission and criminal prosecution.

the republican party is running straight comedy on the political stage.

if liberals are laughing at them because they're dumb, incompetent, embarassing, marginal even - how could they be capable of producing the crimes we need to investigate them for?

it's funny (30 rock - Kenneth the Page - sarah palin - the episode where liz lemon takes off her shirt when the 6 sigma summit overheard jack's pep talk ... blah blah blah)
speak to people in their own language?

Pakistani cricket


At 11:15 AM, Blogger Kylopod said...

I think Michael Steele is an idiot (or at least a political imbecile). I've been following his career for years, and I have never heard him say one smart thing.

Bobby Jindal is smart, he just did a bad speech.


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