Wednesday, April 01, 2009

more conversation at
coates site this time about incoherency and the black experience (and why mos def threw assata shakur's name at christopher hitchens in a discussion about Al Quaida) to summarize

Who is Assata Shakur?

... Assata Shakur's is Tupac Shakur's aunt.

His death was mourned as the loss of a great artist -- i wondered why, despite the depth of his catalogue (even unpublished) -- but his story is about someone who was groomed to have an artistic voice. He was the child of revolutionaries (tupac amaru shakur shares a name with a south american leftist group) who grew up to be Tupac -- he commanded a huge audience. then he was killed. i mean shot. by ?

anyway, where are the people spotting tupac in s. america, like elvis

/tin foil hat


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